How Technology and Business will cause big changes in 2020

Every single day we become more technologically advanced but we’re hitting a funny stage right now as we’re testing and creating some things that you’d imagine were out of a Hollywood movie.

Heres a few examples:

Japans Robot Moonbase

So Japan have decided they want to build a Moonbase built by robots for robots and are investing a whopping 2.2 billions pounds. They plan on building a base on the moons south pole.

There will be droids, equiped with solar panels that will patrol the area.

It’s pretty cool, you can read more about it here.

Self Driving Cars

We already have self driving cars and have had them for a while now. The next step is to make them all talk to each other. Which can be done but we don’t have the wireless infrastructure needed to really do this anytime soon. That doesn’t mean we’re not moving in that direction though and who really knows how quickly we’ll figure that one out?

Biofuels will be competitive with fossil fuels

Waste based biofuels would be something like the used oil from chip shops that could be used to power cars. Waste based biofuels could add 15 billion euros of additional revenues to the european economy every single year. This could equate to up to 300,000 jobs by 2030.

The US military are aiming to get half of their energy from renewable resources by 2020. This is a great step forward, the US navy believes it can turn about 50% of its energy to use biofuels instead of fossil fuels.

We will be able to control devices with microchips implanted in our brains

This is crazy right, imagine being able to turn your tv on just by thinking about it. I highly doubt we’ll be able to do much but from what I’ve read this is totally possible by 2020. Intel has predicted it will be done by 2020. Currently we don’t understand the brain well enough to create the kind of interface required.


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