Enhancing your Social Media Game in 2019

So we all know social media is a lot harder these days, with reach and engagement being capped on platforms like Facebook how do we utilise social media in our marketing plan?

Honestly, I think our approach to social media needs to change. For example, lets say you have 100,000 followers on Twitter and then go create a post. You’re not going to get anywhere near all 100,000 of your followers seeing it.

Lets quickly discuss why Social Media is changing.

Mental Health

The people using social media are using it differently. Right now there is a HUGE concern with mental health problems caused by social media. Pictures of toned and shredded bodies, people flaunting their car or their perfect relationship influences the viewers. I heard someone refer to the feelings caused by this as the ‘compare and despair trap’ and I complete agree. It’s a great way of describing the feelings caused by social media.

Studies show that younger generations are experienced depression and anxiety a lot more over the past 25 years. Plenty of young people will tell you themselves that they feel social media is detrimental to their mental health.


The platforms themselves are capping us

We’ve already mentioned it but the platforms are capping our potential reach too. They want us to spend more money on ads etc, irritating!



We’re competiting vs more brands now than theres ever been before. Its much easier to build a website / brand now than it has ever been. With platforms like wix making websites ridiculously easy to build (even if their terrible) it makes it easy to build a brand.

How can we move on and change our social media plan?


It’s time to REALLY focus on engagement, we’ve always wanted it but now we need to invest time into nurturing the engagement we get. It’s very unlikely someone will buy from your brand before they engage with it on a social media platform. Thats just the way it is these days. (I’m talking about social traffic only)

You need to really encourage people to engage, this can be done by literally just asking your viewers to comment.

However its not just getting people to engage, its engaging back with them. The best social media accounts are the ones that have a bit of personality.

If you look at the UK scotrail twitter / facebook, they are notorious for having delayed trains, cancelled journeys and more. This causes them to get a ridiculous amount of hate online and their PR teams are firefighting all day. Initially they tried to ignore the hate and they still do but recently they’ve started engaging more, using emojis and trying to make light of the situation.

Its hard to see how it’s impacted their account but I can imagine it has at least diminished the hate slightly.




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